Empower Points
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How to Escape from the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT)

Strategies for Empowerment, Based on the Book

The Power of TED*
*The Empowerment Dynamic
by David Emerald

"Released from the Drama Triangle, Creators focus on a compelling Vision and leverage their Passion by moving forward, taking Baby Steps toward their Ideal Outcome... these are the Empower Points!"
  • Related Topics and Ideas
  • "Thirty Years of Baby Steps" -  A brief history of progress toward a Vision
  • March Classes - New 4-Week Class "From Drama to Empowerment" - Mar 7-28, in San Diego
  • January Workshop - New Workshop Date - Jan. 6, 2016 in San Diego 
  • Qualities of Co-Creation -  As Creators, we find we tap "an unsuspected inner resource"
  • Taking vs. Giving - The key to life and living
  • Shaking the Tree - Vine and branch, we're all connected in this world 
  • Resources and Materials 
  • The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) -How to order a copy of the book by David Emerald
  • TED: The Empowerment Dynamic

    This principles discussed here are based on course materials and the book "The Power of TED: The Empowerment Dynamic" by David Emerald. The book is published by Bainbridge Leadership Center.

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